Craig Maher
Music Composer

Brooklyn Lobster producer, Chris ValentinoCraig Maher, a New York-based guitarist/singer/songwriter
has been garnering a strong local following in the Metropolitan area for the passed ten years. Maher's current live group lineup is guitar and vocals (Maher), Dave Fish on bass and Phil Huffman on drums. Maher has performed on the club circuit thought-out New York, Los Angeles and Europe.

Maher coins his music, Cosmic Contemporary: a style that simply draws from his diverse music background and influences that range from the Cosmic–the best of the 60's and the early 70's rock scene and its ties to Eastern music, Mysticism and spirituality and the Contemporary–singer/songwriter- U2, David Bowie, The Black Crowes and Dave Matthews.

Maher's latest projects include composing the music score for "Brooklyn Lobster", a newly released film starring Danny Aiello and Jane Curtin. He's also presently working on his new solo album entitled: Propel (release-date 2006).

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