Darren Jordan

Brooklyn Lobster writer/director Kevin Jordan with father Bill Jordan and brother, Brooklyn Lobster producer, Darren Jordan
Kevin, Bill and Darren Jordan

Darren Jordan studied politics, international law and monetary structure at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD and the Katholiek Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium. He began his professional career working on the bond trading floor of the largest Japanese bank, Nomura Securities International. He was lured away in 1999 to handle business development and representation at Anyway Artists in NYC. He signed on with director and brother, Kevin Jordan in January of 2004 to raise the production financing of Brooklyn Lobster and stayed on as producer. He is currently working on the financing of Kevin’s third feature, Flicker Box. In addition, he maintains a close connection to their family lobster shop in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

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